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By using The DistroPug™, artists can sell and get their songs streamed on all top digital music stores including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Shazam and more for free. This platform allows independent artists, managers and record labels to generate exposure for their brands and the underground music communities; and in turn generate income that […]

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Empowering African music

The Distro Plug was created to solve the problem of music distribution from the African continent and more exposure of the underground music scene to digital stores and in turn generate more income to boost their music careers further and a more affordable ways to promote. This website was developed to help us work together […]

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The Distro Plug delivers music to retailers and music stores across the world with no annual fee unlike most foreign distributors, we offer affordable distribution also to make it easier for every hardworking artiste to get their songs into digital stores. Songs, Albums, EP  and any composition are distributed for free  and the musician keeps […]

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