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Being a new and indigenous music distribution and publishing company, still growing and striving for greatness, 2019 is our debut year, it was filled with lots of hurdles as we are striving on achieving our vision of being the number one music distribution company in Africa. We were involved in the distribution of a few great songs and here is an editorial pick of the top 20 songs distributed by our platform. 

  1. Hot Afternoon cruise- Izzik
  2. Sideways- Black Kalonji ft Ace Rollie
  3. Purple Night- Dex Mula Ft OBS’- 
  4. Galavant- Exo Xan, Izzik & Kpakpo Lee
  5. Dromo (Grace)- KwesiSoul Ft Taitan
  6. Ikechukwu- $pacely Ft Darkovibes
  7. Today- Fina 
  8. Summer heartbreak- Skinny Skater
  9. Thrills- Niq-El Angelo 
  10. New wave- Meykar & Spektro
  11. Siren- Exo Xan Ft Jason EL-A
  12. Ride- Rik Artsenz
  13. Work- Rachi
  14. Rave- Danielo Marley 
  15. Over you-Taitan Ft Kofi Mole & Quamina MP  
  16. For Life- Dudu Vybez
  17. Majolo- Ojie ft Ucheezy
  18. Hussle- Xquisit Ft Dar rich 
  19. Munah- Harry Blaq Ft Elevated- 
  20. Terry Bonchaka- Phamour ForTune

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